Why I Stopped Believing Social Democrats Could Solve Muslim Integration

I had the opportunity to contribute to Jacques Chirac presidential campaign in 2002 and later wrote about him and the American Democrats. I described them as great diplomats and humanistic leaders. I believed, with all my heart, that a gentler world could be built upon lofty principles like human rights.

I was so wrong and so naïve. Their speeches are not realistic at all. The West and Jewish people are together and individually the target of an ongoing and potentially fatal faction that believes they have to pay for their imperialism.

Why do so many Democrats ignore this reality? Radical Islamists don’t want to compromise. Look at their wives! They keep wearing the nijab or niqab in our countries, how that’s moderate? Conservative Muslims are looking for advantages in the U.S. or in Europe but they certainly won’t adopt the founding principles that have made them possible. We have to adopt them when they live among us, so where is the consideration?

I have returned to a conservative view rooted in my Norman and Viking ancestry. Normans were those guys who founded England and started the Crusades…

h/t Marvin