Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller banned from UK: Appeal dismissed

A British Court of Appeal handed down its judgment dismissing our appeal challenging our ban from entering the United Kingdom. The key element of its decision is its emphasis on the fact that “this was a public order case where the police had advised that significant public disorder and serious violence might ensue from the proposed visit.” In writing that judgment, Lord Justice Tomlinson (with whom Lord Justice Patten and Lord Justice Floyd agree) has only made it clear that the British government has decided to set aside established law and the freedom of speech in order to appease violent Muslims.

Will the British government now ban Jews from the country so as to “prevent public disorder,” since the presence of Jews has been shown all too often to upset some Muslims and cause them to riot? The judgment permits such a Nazi approach.

In upholding our exclusion from the U.K., the judges relied heavily on a November 2014 British Supreme Court ruling that Maryam Rajavi, an Iranian dissident, could be lawfully excluded from entering Britain because her doing so could damage Britain’s relationship with Iran…

The UK will see plenty of public disorder in the coming years: the increasing Muslim population guarantees it.  The only way to prevent it is to use the authoritarian methods: see Egypt, for example.   The Muslim world has dictators because of Islam itself.