Owners Who Avoid Eating Halal Meat Could Be Unwittingly Feeding It To Their Pets

Pet owners may unwittingly be buying non-stunned meat for their animals even while they avoid meat killed by the controversial method for their own diet.

Despite the debate about labelling of food for human consumption after restaurants and producers of food for large groups said they often use halal meat, there are no plans for pet food to be labelled to provide consumers with the transparency they want.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, the pet food industry uses animal by-products from the human food chain in the production of pet food. These materials come from animals slaughtered in licensed abattoirs under veterinary supervision, but are surplus to the requirements of consumers in the UK.

And they admit that some of the by product will come from animals which have not been stunned prior to slaughter.

Pip is, needless to say, outraged.