Mahdi Watch: Why is there so much violence, misogyny and dislike for members of other religions in Islam?

This may ruin my reputation with some a millennium hence, but….what the hell! Deus vult!

Barack Husayn Obama long since abandoned any pretense of accuracy in this realm. From his 2009 apology tour in Cairo to his 2012 UN accession to fundamentalist Islamic norms to this morning’s National Prayer Breakfast—where Obama blamed not just the Crusades and the Inquisition, but slavery and Jim Crow, on Christianity—the 44th POTUS has spent one entire term in office, and looks to spend the rest of his second, obsessed with whitewashing Islam for any violence perpetrated in its name and blaming all religions (but especially Christianity), “nihilism,” unspecified “violent extremism” or a combination thereof for what any rational being can see is Islam’s particularly vexing problem…

Why is there so much violence, misogyny and dislike for members of other religions in Islam? Because the Qur’an mandates fighting fi sabil Allah, “on the path of Allah,” especially against “polytheists” (which includes Trinitarian Christians); prescribes crucifixion and dismemberment for enemies of Allah; mandates beheading for “unbelievers” (the rest of the legion of jihad verses the reader can peruse at his leisure). Regarding women, Islam’s holy book consigns them to subordinate status and allows men to strike them; it also permits sexual slavery of non-Muslim women. According to dozens of Hadiths (alleged sayings of Muhammad’s), Islam’s founder extolled jihad and, according to his MUSLIM biographers, personally ordered torture by fire and decapitations

Unlike Christianity or Judaism regarding the Bible, however, mainstream Muslims in the largest branch—Sunnism—are prohibited from reading violent passages symbolically or allegorically. They must apply literally across space and time; so beheading cannot be construed as “defeating an opponent polemically” or said to only apply in Muhammad’s time. Sunni Muslims, particularly Western modernist ones, who attempt to do so are either woefully out of touch with the scholarship of the greater Islamic world, or engaging in willfull obfuscation, if not outright mendacity, about Islam’s actual teachings.

Read it all and check the links.  Some very interesting material there.