ISIS Reporting That American Hostage Kayla Jean Mueller Killed In Airstrike

The announcement may be viewed here. The picture allegedly shows the bomb damaged building where Kayla Jean Mueller died.

As always take any announcement from ISIS with a large grain of salt.

Mueller’s captivity and name were kept from widespread publication, allegedly at the behest of her parents, more likely because leaving a woman to die at the hands of Muslims was far too embarrassing for an Islamophile like Hussein Obama and the White House narrative.

Until definitive proof of her death is determined ISIS has just turned up the heat on the Obama admin.

ISIS has shown no hesitance when it comes to killing Western progressives.

Maybe Liberal-Left America will wake-up to this little discussed fact but I doubt it.

Kayla Jean Mueller killed here

Kayla Jean Mueller US ISIS Hostage

Kayla Jean Mueller US ISIS Hostage