UK: Voter fraud. Animal abuse. FGM. Here. In our country.

“…When do you reckon liberal apologists like Jenny Watson will stop making excuses for undemocratic, uncivilised and downright illegal behaviour? I prefer the reaction of Azmal Hussein, the Tower Hamlets restaurant owner, who told Channel 4 News with a cheery grin: “Voter fraud is endemic in Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities. Because it is our culture.”

Notice Mr Hussein makes no attempt to pretend that his community’s culture is the same as mainstream British culture, as our flailing political leaders do. It is quite separate and runs according to its own rules and traditions, which we may well find abhorrent.

Take the disgusting scenes exposed this week at a Yorkshire halal slaughterhouse, recorded by Animal Aid. It showed Muslim men punching and taunting animals, waving knives in front of them and hacking at their throats. One joker even painted green spectacles on a sheep and other members of staff laughed as the terrified creature bled to death. Four slaughtermen have had their operating licences suspended and criminal prosecutions may follow. Good, that is exactly as it should be. But it doesn’t begin to address how a country that prides itself on animal welfare became home to butchers who don’t stun animals before slaughtering them.

Talking of lambs to the slaughter, cases of female genital mutilation are being reported at the staggering rate of 500 a month, according to the latest official figures. Results from the first four months in which hospitals have had to report cases of FGM to the health department show a total of 1,946 cases in England alone. And that is only the women and girls who have been seen by a doctor. Just imagine how widespread is this horrific, misogynistic practice.

Look to Europe. With fear.

Canada is not immune to the devastation being wrought on civil society by mass Muslim immigration.

This is our future, useful idiot multiculturalists will ensure it.

Do not ever be afraid to call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

Do not fear being called racist for rightly condemning Islam as a violent, supremacist religious cult.

Across Europe the facts speak for themselves. Tolerating the intolerant is suicide.