Turkish World Bulletin: ‘Islamophobia is an extension of the Crusades’

With academics, writers and journalists present, the meeting was published on the website of the World Bulletin. World Bulletin Research Panel have placed their mark on their round table meetings. Prof. Dr. Ali Murat Yel, researcher and writer Levent Basturk and journalist Saadet Oruc’s meeting was moderated Aynur Erdogan.

Aynur Erdogan stated that Islamophobia is an extension of the Crusades. She said that: “Starting with the Crusades and continuing on from Orientalist discourse, we can see that this continues with Islamophobic thoughts today. We are aware that Europes failure to be able to live with others is the reason for this”.

Levent Basturk highlighted the historical dimension of Islamophobia in his speech. Basturk explained that the concept of Islamophobia had gained ground but was rooted in events prior to 9/11, saying: “A liberal-left think tank in the UK had organised reports about attacks on Muslim immigrants. The report didn’t just focus on attacks but also disciminatory policies as well as suggesting solutions. That report also mentioned Islamophobia”…

(I checked and Aynur Erdogan is not one of the President’s children.  She might be related but I do not know.  The surname Erdogan seems fairly common).  

Names aside, she and people who run World Bulletin are very much in agreement  with President Erdogan.  Note how everything is blamed on Europe.