Had he said “Goat” I might have believed him

Genius: Muslim terrorist says email Bomb references were about finding a bride

An al Qaeda terror suspect who plotted to blow up New York City subways and targets in Europe has claimed he wasn’t talking about bombs but trying to find to woman to marry.

Abid Naseer said hours of online chats with other men from nine different email accounts was his attempt to find a suitable girlfriend.

The 28-year-old Pakistani national is due to go on trial in New York later this month, accused of being part of a terror cell that planned attacks in the US, UK and Denmark.

Naseer’s explanation for the hours of online conversations that will be used in his trial are contained in new court documents filed with the court in Brooklyn, New York.

He claims that the incriminating online exchanges on sites like the Muslim dating portal Qiran.com were part of his quest to find a woman to marry.