AQAP releases audio message featuring Ibrahim al-Rubaysh – ex-Gitmo wanted terrorist

The Department of State Reward for Justice poster for Ibrahim al Rubaysh, December 2014. Source.

The media wing of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), al Malahem Media Foundation, released an audio message on Twitter in late January featuring AQAP ideologue Ibrahim al-Rubaysh titled “Allah Will Be Sufficient For You Against Them.” In this most recent eight and a half minute message, Rubaysh addresses the surge in solidarity for the victims of January’s attack on the satirical French Charlie Hebdo magazine, an operation which AQAP has since claimed.

Rubaysh begins his audio message by claiming an infidel’s inherent hostility towards Islam and the Muslim community, an argument buttressed by Qur’anic verses cited by the AQAP ideologue. He claims that, “Allah has made clear to us that they [the infidels] will not spare a thing in hurting the Muslims.” Rubaysh then goes farther, declaring that “[the infidels] war against us will not cease until they force us to leave Islam.”

The jihadist ideologue suggests that Western offenses against the Prophet are part of the broader infidel war against Islam. He says that Western nations have intervened in Muslim countries and killed Muslims, and then completed this aggression through mockery of the Prophet. “Do we not have a right to respond to the aggression of the aggressors?” asks Rubaysh…

The video (in Arabic) is here.