UK: Politicians have a human right to sound racist, says equalities watchdog

Equality and Human Rights Commission upholds right to publish Mohammed cartoons but not to teach that gay people will ‘burn in Hell’

Politicians should be free to say things which “could be construed as racist” while debating issues such as immigration, the Government’s equalities watchdog has insisted.

New legal guidance on freedom of expression in the UK also defends the right of media outlets to publish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, if they consider it in the public interest, in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo last month.

But the advice from the Equality and Human Rights Commission also contains a series of warnings – including one to faith schools over their approach to controversial topics such as gay marriage.

It argues that while schools designated as having a religious character have a legal right to teach their own beliefs on subjects such as sexuality and same-sex marriage, they could still face a discrimination action if their handling of the issue is considered inappropriate or insensitive…

Victim rankings in pyramid shift?  Or mere bureaucratic slip-up on racism ruling?