U.S. Seen in Middle East as Ally of Terrorists

People rush to the scene after a car bombing near the port town of El-Arish in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula on July 24, 2013. Reuters

Many Egyptians and moderate Arabs and Muslims were shocked to hear that the U.S. State Department recently hosted a Muslim Brotherhood delegation. They were equally shocked when an EU court decided to remove Hamas from the bloc’s list of terror groups.

“Just two days after the controversial visit, the Brotherhood called for a war against their fellow Egyptians.” — Linda S. Heard, Middle East Expert, Gulf News.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is seeking to return to the political arena through the American door and terrorist attacks. The U.S. policy appears to be devious and unreliable.” — Ezzat Ibrahim, columnist, Al Ahram.

“[Ousted Egyptian President] Mohamed Morsi, before his election, described these Jews as descendants of apes and pigs. In English, the Muslim Brotherhood says one thing and in Arabic something completely different.” — Mohamed Salmawi, Egyptian columnist…