The Myth of the Muslim Murder Myth

The website appears to still be thriving, despite my best efforts to warn people off of their willfully ignorant “explanatory journalism.” As I have previously observed, we’re on the tail end of a media “golden age for liberals where, to paraphrase Kipling, all the young turks were paid for their writing, and none of them paid for their sins.”

Chief among those young writers whose transgressions are in arrears is Vox’s foreign policy reporter Zack Beauchamp. (At least, I think that’s an accurate description of what he does, because Vox eschews job descriptions in favor of listing Beauchamp as “Dictator-for-Life” and explains “Zack writes about all of the things that are not American things.” What wacky workplace innovation will millennials think up next?) Beauchamp achieved a degree of notoriety last year when he wrote that Israel was restricting traffic on the “physical bridge, like the Tappan Zee,” connecting the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. (Perhaps needless to say, no such bridge exists.)

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