Rotherham: Officer to victim: ‘Don’t worry – you aren’t the first girl to be raped by XX and you won’t be the last’.

A photo of decaying post-industrial England. Source.

A criminal investigation has been launched today after a damning new report found Rotherham Council is ‘not fit for purpose’ and still ‘in denial’ about the 1,400 young girls who were abused in the town over 16 years.

Investigators concluded girls as young as 11 were left to be abused by mainly Asian men between 1997 and 2013 because the council’s staff and politicians feared being labelled racist…

…Police were said to be aware that a victim was ‘raped with a broken bottle’ and some girls were ‘ordered to kiss perpetrators’ feet at gun point’ but never took any action.

In one case an officer told a victim: ‘Don’t worry- you aren’t the first girl to be raped by XX and you won’t be the last’…

…’Almost all’ of the perpetrators are believed to be part of predatory Pakistani gangs, with victims claiming they were at times ‘raped once a day’ for many years, an inquiry by Professor Alexis Jay found last year…

…The report highlighted ‘a culture of covering up uncomfortable truths, silencing whistle-blowers and paying off staff rather than dealing with difficult issues’…

One current council officer said politicians ‘wanted to use any other word than Asian males. They were terrified of [the impact on] community cohesion’…

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Flashback: My sister was told she would be banned from the United Church’s (now defunct) Wondercafe site if she posted anymore links to the story in June 2013.  

I posted about it on Gary Rumain’s PislamonauseaCentral site at the time, but Google removed that site.  The link to the old Wondercafe site no longer works either.  I saved a copy of the post: 

United Church of Canada forum deletes thread and threatens ban over links to UK grooming gang scandal articles – June 11, 2013

A regular commenter at this blog, who had asked not to be identified, has been threatened with a ban and had a thread deleted from the United Church of Canada WonderCafe forum because the readers do not want to think about the UK grooming gang scandal.

The posts were links with no commentary other than a factual statement of what the article was about. Another user on the forum has been running a thread on Catholic pedophile priests for several years, doing the same thing, linking to news articles.

The forum moderator left the following note on a follow-up thread:

Hi Folks

I’m sorry, but I had to remove the thread after it was flagged as offensive numerous times by WonderCafe community members. Indeed, removing an entire thread is one of the last options – that and banning the user. But in this case there were just too many problematic posts by the original poster. Removing all of them would have destroyed the thread and left other folks’ responses out there without context.

X has been warned before. I believe she’s even been banned before. Discussion on the dangers of Islamism and fundamentalism is fine, but I found many of the posts and links in question targeted certain ethnic groups, faiths, and cultures generally. These kind of posts aren’t welcome on WonderCafe.

Note: A group of users have created a new forum called Wondercafe2 (the church is running out of money as their older members die off and are not replaced), but the people and attitude are the same.

As you can see, their attitude is identical to the people responsible for the cover-up in the first place.