Italian council rejects Islamic university plan

Authorities in Lecce have rejected plans for the creation of what would be Italy’s first Islamic university, partly because of the current negative focus on Islam and opposition from local residents.

The council for Lecce, a province in the southern region of Puglia, turned down a request from the president of a business confederation to renovate a former tobacco factory to house the university.

Severo Martini, a councillor from the planning unit, said that after evaluating the project the municipality found there was little clarity on how it would be financed

“But we also can’t ignore the national and international attention right now on Islam,” he was quoted by Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno as saying, referring to the recent deadly attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris.

“Above all, we must consider the wishes of our residents, who have opposed the idea of an Islamic university.”

A politician who acted on his constituent’s concerns?

What madness is this?