Former Algonquin student Khadar Khalib charged with terror offences

A former Algonquin College student has been charged with terror offences after abandoning his studies to join the Islamic State.
The former business student, Khadar Khalib, 23, dropped out of sight last year after allegedly being recruited by an Ottawa man, Awso Peshdary, 25. Both men had ties to Algonquin College’s Muslim Students’ Association.

Khalib is now believed to be in Syria, fighting on behalf of the Islamic State, which is why he was charged in absentia by the RCMP on Tuesday with leaving Canada to participate in the activities of a terror group and with counselling a person to participate in terrorism.

In October last year, Khalib’s Facebook page underwent a dramatic makeover with Khalib announcing himself as AbdulBaqi Hanif. In Arabic, the name means “servant of the everlasting” and “true believer.”