Far-right blight on Dresden commemoration

Dresden residents who do not care for Islam and having their culture and population replaced.

On February 13, Dresden will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Allied air raid that reduced the baroque city to rubble. Ever since the fires went out, the bombing has served as a propaganda tool for Nazis, Communists and the modern far right.

Now critics warn that the ceremonies could serve as a rallying point for Pegida supporters — and further tarnish Dresden’s reputation…

Pegida are evil because “Nazis.” Germany must pay the price unto eternity: if they refuse to submit to Islam and waves of third world invaders they are modern Nazis.

The analogy is ridiculous.

BTW, I notice the stupid “Local” appears to have completely stopped allowing comments on these stories. The comments on earlier stories trended against the Local’s suicidal viewpoint, so the commenters must be punished.  I could not find  a comment section using Safari.  Perhaps others can check from different browsers. 

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