Australian jihadist Yusuf Yusuf watches burning of Jordanian pilot big screen

583323-e3bd59f2-ac07-11e4-a8ac-2e38d96357fdAUSTRALIAN jihadists have joined crowds in Syria watching the horrific death of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh on a big screen projector.

Social media photos show the sickening murder being broadcast to a throng of jihadis, including Australian-Somali fighter Yusuf Yusuf.

In a sickening development, the former university business student wrote on his Facebook page “Movie night in the heart of the Khalifa … Burn kafir Burn :)”.

He tells a supporter who asks if Islam allows a man to be burned alive, “punished the kufar like they punishes us… an eye for an eye akhi”…