Wedding for one: Is ‘sologamy’ the new trend?


Kathy Shaidle writes in Taki’s:

That’s hardly the critical mass required to qualify as a genuine trend, but since when has that stopped social scientists and other hucksters? Some are clearly hoping to turn “self” into the new “gay” as far as marriage goes. They’ve got the requisite clumsy neologism—“sologamy”—and they just need the lucrative movement to go with it.

Visit and sign up for their $200 “self-study program.” This “10-Week Initiation into Sacred Union”—strictly speaking, shouldn’t that be “Oneness”?—invites you to “walk down the aisle of your own heart and meet yourself unveiled.”

There follows a metric ton of the sort of New Age prattle even Oprah doesn’t mouth as much anymore: the cloying, clichéd rhetoric crafted to convince lonely, aging, cubicle-bound, carb-addicted females that they deserve to enjoy a “wild and precious life.”