Receding shadows reveal more of Iran’s covert wars

A string of recent assassinations and strikes, conducted several miles from Israel’s borders, often in broad daylight, have driven back some of the shadows that cloak Hezbollah’s war against Israel. They’ve also highlighted Iran’s regional role and underscored a lingering question about Hezbollah’s allegiances: whether to its coreligionists and religious patron state, Iran, or to its compatriots in the Cedar State.

The revelations are particularly relevant now, as Israel watches from the sidelines while Iran and the six world powers known as the P5+1 enter the homestretch in negotiations that have steadfastly avoided Iran’s role in fomenting instability across the region. The talks have also mostly skirted Tehran’s championing of the cause of prying the Zionist entity from the Middle East – a role that many Israelis believe will only rise in prominence if it is bulwarked by the bomb.