Muslim? Thinking of immigration? Go to the US, skip Europe

At a recent White House news conference with Prime Minister David Cameron, President Barack Obama suggested that Europe needs to do a better job helping Muslims integrate into society. The US Muslim population, he added, is better integrated into society than Muslim populations in Europe.

“Our Muslim populations, they feel themselves to be Americans, and there is this incredible process of immigration and assimilation that is part of our tradition that is probably our greatest strength,” Obama said.

He added that the US, too, is “subject to the kinds of tragedies that we saw at the Boston Marathon,” but the country is still much safer on the whole. “That [assimilation], I think, has been helpful. There are parts of Europe in which that’s not the case and that’s probably the greatest danger that Europe faces,” the President said.

Indeed, the fact that Muslims in America have been less susceptible to anti-Western Islamist ideology than Muslims in France and other European countries is a reflection of the fact that the United States, unlike most European countries, is a diverse immigrant society with a much longer history of absorbing non-European immigrants…

There are far fewer Muslims per capita in the US. Give them time. It’s the old story: when a tiny minority you must be on your best behaviour. How much worse will CAIR get if it gets the numbers behind it? (I agree that there are other reasons: the Muslims in the US are not — at least now — an underclass.)