Jihad is so simple’: Norwegian posts Isis vid

A 29-year-old ethnic Norwegian Islamist has called on other Scandinavians to travel to Syria to join the terror group Isis, in a propaganda video posted online on Sunday.

Michael Nikolai Skråmo, who styles himself Abo Ibrahim Al Swedi, appears in the video wearing desert camouflage and clutching an assault rifle, and proceeds to give practical and motivational encouragement to would-be jihadis.

“My brothers, ‘hijra’ (migration) and ‘jihad’ are so simple. It only costs a few thousand ‘lapp’ [Swedish kroner],” he says in Swedish. “Do you not wish in in your heart to fight and show God what you have to offer him? The door to jihad is standing there waiting for you. It’s the fastest way to Jannah [Paradise].”