Islamic State video showing Jordan pilot being burned alive ‘filmed last month’

Muath al-Kasaesbeh, an air force pilot with Jordan’s army, had been captured after his plane was shot down flying over Syria at Christmas…

…Jordanian officials had been negotiating for the pilot’s release and over the weekend said they would be willing to agree to a ransom demand.

However, Jordan’s state TV said they had information that Mr al-Kasaesbeh was killed weeks ago on January 3 2015.

Mr al-Kasaesbeh had been held hostage with Japanese journalist Kenji Goto who was reportedly beheaded in a video released by the terrorists on Saturday.

The Jordanian authorities had been trying to negotiate the release of the air force pilot who was captured during a a mission to support the US-led military coalition against IS in December…

h/t Marvin

The Muath al-Kasaesbeh execution video may be viewed here.