ISIS Lawyer Arrested in Israel After Practicing Beheading on Sheep

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) has lifted a gag order and revealed that seven Arabs from northern Israel have been arrested and indicted for setting up an Islamic State (ISIS) terror cell.

The cell was based in the predominantly Arab city of Sakhnin in the Galilee and was headed by a lawyer, Adnan al a-Din of Nazareth.

The suspects were arrested in November and December.

Al a-Din was former public defender before being fired for pro-terror activity. He formed the ISIS-style group and declared himself as “Islamic State’s chief of staff in Palestine.”

The cell members allegedly met at a horse farm in the Galilee and trained to put together firebombs and other weapons and bought sheep to practice slaughter.

They also were indicted for raising money to pay an entrance fee of $1500 to join the Islamic State.