Elder of Ziyon: Chris Gunness trolling for dead babies to star in Pallywood production

Check out this tweet (shown above) from UNRWA’s Chris Gunness: (That’s hypothermia, not hyperthermia, Chris. You’re welcome.)

There have been reports of a few children who “froze to death” in Gaza this winter. Their real causes of death are not so clear; for example a two-month old was diagnosed with COPD which is aggravated by cold weather but not caused by it. The specific causes of death for the other infants were not released so it is hard to know whether they died from hypothermia or something else.

Gunness is not interested in such trivia. He wants a dead body and crying parents. Gunness wants to use dead babies for fundraising…

Video released by UNWRA: Staying warm at all costs

h/t Marvin