Multiculti in Berlin: Turk Incinerates 19-Year-Old Pregnant German

Gates of Vienna: Multiculti in Berlin: Turk Incinerates 19-Year-Old Pregnant German

For the lying press [Lügenpresse] and our courts, German people are second-class citizens. Once again this is easily shown to be true as of now. In Berlin, a Turk from Neukölln is reported to have incinerated a 19 year old German, in a late stage of pregnancy, and while she was still alive. Once again, our politicians and leading media simply look away. One thing is already clear: the perpetrator will receive an Islam-penal-rebate.

by Udo Ulfkotte, 25 January 2015

Source: Kopp Online
Translation: Rembrandt Clancy

A few days ago [16 December 2014], a German motorist in Braunschweig “lightly grazed (a Muslim woman) on the knee”[1]. At that point, the occupants of the vehicle are said to have shouted anti-Islamic epithets. Immediately the headlines across the country read in unison: “Suspected racists ran into a Muslim with their automobile” [Die Welt]. Although the police have not yet investigated the facts of the situation, there were silent marches, light-chain demonstrations lights and statements of outrage from politicians.

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