Shorter Haroon Siddiqui: Stephen Harper Hates Muslims

Like George W. Bush before him, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears intent on using a fear of Muslim terrorism to win votes.

The war on terror spawned cultural warfare on Muslims, a growing cottage industry of Islamophobia that ascribes purely Islamic causes to terrorism.

…We must wage war against Muslim terrorists who invoke Islam. But “radical Islam” is but one factor among many. Yet the government’s narrative is different, as seen in the words of Harper and Jason Kenney, who had this to say of the bill:

“Obviously there are some malevolent religious influences that can add to the process of radicalization towards violent extremism, and we have to be extremely mindful of that.” Sure, but what about other “malevolent” influences that can and do add to radicalization — such as Western wars on in Muslim nations?

The prime minister, too, let it slip that terrorist ideas will be vigorously prosecuted, “whether in a basement or a mosque.”

Get ready for a divisive election campaign.

h/t OJ