Outrage as taxpayer-funded defense lawyers take part in shocking rap video calling for NYPD cops to be killed

From the online rap video that shows black men holding guns to the head of a while actor dressed as an NYPD cop.

Two taxpayer-funded New York defense attorneys have sparked outrage after appearing in an online rap video that urges black people to kill police officers – and allowing it to be filmed in their offices.

The video, dubbed ‘Hands Up’, shows black men holding guns to the head of a white actor dressed as an NYPD cop, and features the lyric: ‘For Mike Brown and Sean Bell, a cop got to get killed’.

It also depicts a grief-stricken mother walking into The Bronx Defenders’s offices on 161st Street, where she is comforted by an attorney. Another lawyer at the firm features later in the footage.

Shortly after the video was posted online in December last year, it was brought to the attention of police and City officials. They launched an investigation into the attorneys’ roles in the footage…