Al-Qaradawi and Sayyid Qutb books banned at Cairo book fair

Sayyid Qutb

The confiscated books of the Qatar-based Muslim cleric Youssef Al-Qaradawi from the Cairo International Book Fair that started Wednesday, 28 January, saying they were removed by the publisher, The publisher removed the books due to “disapproval and dismay”.

Ahmed Megahed, director of the General Egyptian Book Organisation, confirmed that Dar El-Shorouk withdrew the books from its wing. The ministry said that it “believes in freedom of expression and does not put any restrictions or censorship on which books are be displayed and which books are not.

Thus it was not informed that these books will be displayed” and neither interferred to remove them. The ministry said that the only books that are subject to censorship are books that come from abroad, as “they fall under different rules that the ministry has no authority over.”

Dar El-Shorouk is the publisher of the works of Al-Qaradawi since many years. It also publishes the works of radical Islamist author and educator Sayyed Qutb, the former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who was executed in 1966…

Free speech and Islam do not mix.  It is too poisonous.