Woman’s tweets tracked from Toronto to ISIS front lines: report

A woman who may be Canadian is believed to have been on the front lines of Islamic State-controlled territory, giving away her locations in Syria and Iraq with every tweet.

According to a report from the U.S.-based Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium, or TRAC, a woman who tweeted from Toronto up until Nov. 23, 2014 suddenly appeared in Syria. In early

December, her Android phone was tracked in Raqqa, a major ISIS stronghold.

Because she didn’t disable her cellphone’s geo-tagging function, the woman revealed her location every time she tweeted. She posted pro-ISIS messages and used a photo of a beheading as her

Twitter background image, according to TRAC.


Heads Up: Mubin Sheikh is involved in this. The women’s journey seems a bit uhm… Zelig like, it’s so… extraordinary.

  • cmh

    Too bad that goat effer (shaik) didn’t go with her. He needs to be taken down.

  • Clausewitz

    Arrogant and stupid. I like that combination in my enemies.

  • Gary

    Say it isn’t so , the CBC and CAIR’s Sheema Kahn have told us islamophobe since 9/11 that 99.99% of muslims are peaceful and reject all violence.
    It can’t all be a mental health issue like the NDP wants us to believe , you don’t go from a moderate peaceful muslim one day and wake-up with a mental health problem to lust for a Global caliphate ruled by sharia.

  • Sean

    Just another western chick who wants a violent badboy. Nothing to see here, move along.