Sweden: “Secret Asylum group” plan for 400,000 new immigrants

The Government has set up a “secret asylum group” planning for 400,000 new immigrants over the next five years – the equivalent of an American city, the newspaper Dagens industri revealed yesterday.

The secret asylum group is made up of unelected government officials that currently outline the Socialist Government’s policies on the future population [of Sweden]. Plans have been made in “the secret,” says DI, but [with] Swedish people’s knowledge. [??]

Some of them included in the covert group are Lars Westbratt, Erik Nilsson, Max Elger and Annelie Roswall Lafleur – all well-paid bureaucrats working for the Red-Green Government.

The Group has taken the decision that Sweden should receive at least 400,000 new immigrants from the Third World in the next five years. The plan spans the next parliamentary elections, which after the cartel settlement last month will be at most a symbolic choice, after the Red-Green Government created an alliance [to exclude the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats from having any say in government policy].

130,000 of the new residents in Sweden will consist of “unaccompanied refugee children”, i.e. illegal immigrant [older teen-age] men, of which a large proportion are likely to be jihadists from Syria.

Note: edited Google Translate from Swedish.

The CIA World Factbook gives the population of Sweden as 9.7 million.