Islamic State chemical weapons expert who trained under Saddam killed in airstrike near Mosul, says US central command

The factory – which still contains 2,500 rockets filled with gas – was taken over by ISIS militants last summer, about the same time Malik is thought to have joined the group

An ISIS chemical weapons expert who the U.S. feared was ‘gathering equipment’ for the militants has been killed in an airstrike in Iraq, officials have claimed.

Abu Malik was killed on January 24 near Mosul, after being ‘specifically targeted’ by the U.S.-led forces because of growing concern ISIS may be trying to secure chemical weapons.

Malik had worked at Saddam Hussein’s Muthanna chemical weapon production facility – a factory to the north-west of Baghdad known for producing lethal sarin gas…

I had thought that with all the fuss over WMD in the Iraq 2003 invasion, there would have been nothing at all left like this.  Interesting that he chose to join ISIS.