Guns, sex and arrogance: I hated everything about America — until I moved here

“But when my husband asked if I wanted to move to America, I still said no. Some of my stereotypes about the country lingered: What about the gun culture? Surely, we didn’t want our daughter gunned down at school. And what about the big environmental footprint of America? I shuddered at the prospect of living in a large temperature-controlled house instead of a compact apartment and owning two cars instead of using energy-efficient public transport. Besides, I had no intention of spending all day cooking and cleaning in a country where domestic help was so unaffordable. Why give up such a comfortable life?

(Or as I would put it: Americans are such arrogant unenlightened vulgarians! Also, why would I want to pay my low-caste house-servants more than room and board?)

“…If I were to write an essay about India’s brain drain today, I would not argue against the best and brightest leaving the country. Instead, I would encourage them to contribute to India by sending remittances to family from abroad, to help boost India’s economy and social progress. When people expand their worldview, they enrich themselves and humanity as a whole. I started off as an Indian, but I have become a global citizen.”

Interesting piece. I’m sure of this, though: when your “best and brightest” flee a country, no amount of care packages home will make up for the intellectual and cultural impoverishment.

  • Clausewitz

    Always amazes me when these supposed Superiors from dumpster dive countries whine about how back home they had servants, (slaves), and how much more cultured they are then us. Yet they’re third world, and will continue to remain third world unless they receive help from the West. Who do you think is buying your goods and services? Certainly not your untouchables.

    • She comes off as a remarkably entitled woman.

      • Frau Katze

        Very much so.

      • Non-resident Indians, or NRIs, are a varied bunch. I’ve met many who seem right at home here in the American South.

  • Xavier

    Not an American but a “global citizen”.

    Eff off. We don’t want you.

  • Jason

    I’ve always had a suspicion that the not uncommon dislike, even contempt, that some non-Americans have in regard to the US often is combined with a healthy dose of subtle (possibly sub-conscious) envy.

  • minuteman

    I wonder is she realizes she is free to live in a dump apartment with no car in the US if she wants to? No one would force her to live in a big comfortable house. She could use the money she saves by living in a slum apartment with no car to pay for the expensive domestic help. Problem solved.

  • Gary

    Our leaders bash the US Health care system until they get cancer and then they’re the first one on a flight to the US to jump the queue in Canada.

  • dukestreet

    Anyone who immigrates from India is an entitled person. The ones who would really benefit from a change of circumstances, are too poor to afford the ticket.

    • minuteman

      I’ve met a few people like that. They were high status in India, and shocked to find out that they were working stiffs like everyone else here. One guy I worked with had fallen a long way, but figured his children would be better off here.