British police accused of catastrophic blunders after file of 2,000 child abuse suspects was handed to them by Canadian investigators but ignored for TWO YEARS

Police were yesterday accused of a catastrophic series of blunders over their handling of a dossier containing more than 2,000 suspected paedophiles.

Extraordinary details have emerged of how some forces and a top anti-child abuse unit failed to act after being given a ‘customer list’ of perverts who used a child porn website.

Despite being handed the information on a plate by Canadian police who traced the Toronto-based website’s international network of clients, British suspects were left free to continue offending for up to two years and hundreds may now escape justice.

  • simus1

    Half the perves were probably already being shaken down by the plods and the other half were likely long term police informers.
    “They do it theirrrr way”.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Is anyone here beginning to think that there is a persistent (possibly generational in nature) and entrenched cabal of peadophiles at the highest level of not only law enforcement but of UK society?

    • tom_billesley

      A former Surrey Comet news editor was gagged by the Government over the reporting of an alleged Westminster paedophile ring operating out of Elm Guest House in Barnes.
      Hilton Tims, 82, the paper’s news editor between 1980 and 1988, revealed at the weekend he had been handed a D-notice preventing the reporting of sex allegations in 1984.
      Elm Guest House, in Rocks Lane, is at the centre of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge, which is investigating claims of sexual abuse and grooming of children by Government ministers, MPs and senior police officers in the late 1970s and early 80s.

    • WalterBannon

      only beginning you say?

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I only say beginning because it has only come to my attention in the last year.
        There just seems to be a lot of “not following up” going on in the UK over such allegations, where’s here, that stuff would typically be followed up on more vigorously.
        As also suggested by “tom_billesley” this seems to go back much further than any one corrupt or compromised group of law enforcement officers careers could have accounted for (approximately 40+ years).

        This makes me think that peadophiles are hiring, and promoting the careers of, other peadophiles in an attempt to perpetuate the scheme.
        I know it sounds like crazy talk, but I’m running out of other viable answers.
        Think much of how the old Soviet spy rings worked from the 1930’s onward.
        They really did hire and promote their own in an effort to keep their rings going, and in some instances they were successful over generations of careers.

        • Waffle

          I don’t think you’re spouting crazy talk. Our society is on a rapid downward slide due to the corruption of our young people by depraved monsters like Kathleen Wynne and her buddy Ben Levin. Schools are no longer a safe place. Overworked and underpaid parents have few if any alternatives for the real education (the 3 Rs) of their children. I saw a news item the other day how young people are financing a post-secondary education by offering themselves out as “Sugar Babies”. This was a completely separate piece from Wynne’s continuing attempt to roll out her grade 1 sex ed program flanked by 2 totally jaded looking 13-year olds.

          Insofar as Britain goes, I stopped paying attention a year or so again. They’re finished. Liz will be the last monarch. Perhaps Ontario still has a future. I don’t know. We are drowning in the apathy of our ill-educated, underpaid, debt-burdened youth.

  • WalterBannon

    Well the British police are not going to start arresting BBC presenters, parliamentarians, and local council leaders, so what else was expected for them to do than just sweep it under the rug…

    • Millie_Woods

      They may even have to arrest some of their own commanders. Institutional Britain is infiltrated from top to bottom with some of the worst filth imaginable. Fixing it would require a revolution. I’m sure they’ll flip to Islam before that happens.

  • Denis George Miller

    Are they based in Rotherham?

  • Hard Little Machine

    That’s because child rape, torture and murder is no longer a crime in Britain.