British Army unveils ‘Twitter troops’ for social media fight

The new unit, the 77th Brigade, will come into being in April modelled on the “Chindits” – a specialist, innovative unit which fought in Burma during the Second World War.

The unit’s focus will be on “unconventional” non-lethal, non-military methods such as “shaping behaviours through the use of dynamic narratives”, an Army spokesman said.

The brigade will be 1,500 soldiers strong, drawn from all three services and based in Hermitage, Berkshire.

Its brand of “non-lethal warfare” will mirror efforts by the Israeli and US armies to practice psychological operations as a key part of military strategy.

Hmm hope the Flip-Phone isn’t an indicator of prowess…


  • With more British Muslims fighting for Jihad than for the Royal armed forces, they’ve got an uphill fight on the psy-ops front.

    • Exactly.

    • James Hamilton

      I think it’s for UK’s best that these mohammedans have not infiltrated their army ranks yet.

  • Oh no! Not that again! Non-lethal psychological warfare? In the 1990s the British hit the world pretty hard with Mr. Bean. What are they working on next? Jaguars that catch fire when you turn the ignition like in the 1970s? More naked pics of Prince Harry? Or trying to get the world to eat marmite? They can hold the entire planet hostage.

  • simus1

    The Chindits were one of the most badly overworked, abused, and mishandled units in WW2 as the war drew to a close.. That was courtesy of high British and American Army staff officers and other assorted naysayers who were less than pleased with the theories behind and initial successes of Wingate’s missions against the Japanese. His clout with Churchill and Wavell had also not been their cup of tea.

    Chindits? This new lot sound more like well connected misfits.

    • James Hamilton

      Unlike 77th brigade, Chindits were a fighting force, trained to kill the enemy.

  • Minicapt

    The photo is from several years ago, as the Brits changed their camo pattern in 2010.