Blow Doubles Down on Racism Charge: Doesn’t Matter Cop Was Black

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday’s “AC360,” New York Times op-ed columnist Charles Blow refused to back off allegations of racism involved in his son’s arrest at gunpoint by Yale campus police earlier this week.

Blow levied those allegations in a series of tweets and in a New York Times column.

However, it was revealed that the arresting officer was black.

Partial transcript as follows:

COOPER: Does the fact that the police officer involved was African-American? does that change at the equation in your mind in any way?

BLOW: It doesn’t for me,” the columnist replied, “because when we have the conversations with our kids, we don’t say, “Well, if you run into a white police officer, behave like this and this and this, and if you run into a black police officer, you don’t have to worry about that — do whatever you want to do, jam your hands into your pockets, jump around and talk back.” We talk about the police in general. And I am very happy that when he turned around and saw whoever it was with the gun he didn’t behave any differently. He saw a gun and an officer and he followed the very same script. You know, a bullet doesn’t know the color of the finger that pulls the trigger. It doesn’t care. Bullets don’t have emotions, they have directions. I think we as parents have to remember that, it’s not so clearly delineated in terms of who your kid might run into as an officer.

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