World Bulletin: ‘US Muslim leaders demand that free speech should respect faith’

‘When you provoke Europe to commit hate crimes against Muslims, then you alienate all Muslims rather that the terrorists alone.’

Freedom of speech and its limits should be balanced with respect to moral values within a community to prevent alienation of a group and the rise of radicalism, say American Muslim leaders.
Since the deadly attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in Paris, several issues have been debated, such as the radicalization of Muslim communities in Europe and freedom of speech and its limits.

Three American Muslim opinion leaders emphasize that freedom of speech has to be ensured and protected but it should not be exploited to insult any faith or belief system.

“There should be a limit but the limit should not be because it will provoke violence, it should be on what a society decides to be the moral limits of the speech,” said Dalia Mogahed, Executive Director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, a non-partisan research center based in Washington…