US: Massachusetts: School Retaliates Against Student For Parent’s Opposition to Pro-Islam, Anti-Israel Propaganda

From Creeping Sharia: A followup on this 2013 post, School texts teach Muslim propaganda incl Neil Armstrong converted to Islam.

A state education department found that a school district and School Committee Chair retaliated against a student because of her parent’s complaint about inaccurate and biased materials.

The decision by the Massachusetts agency found that the Newton Public Schools (NPS) and School Committee Chair Matthew Hills sent confidential information about the student and her family to local media, which published it. The media entities – a newspaper and a blog – also published false claims that the parent was associated with anti-Muslim groups.

The student’s family said that both the newspaper and blog knew that the family had previously been stalked and that publishing the false allegations put them in danger. They also stated they suffered emotional distress and other harm due to the district’s actions… (read more at link)