The impact of Charlie Hebdo: Americans now back Muhammad cartoons

Nine years ago, six in 10 Americans said it was irresponsible for newspapers to run cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad over Muslims’ objections. Today, six in 10 say they are okay with the newspapers doing just that.

If the terrorists who killed 11 people at a satirical newspaper in Paris earlier this month changed anything, it’s pushing the media more toward publishing such cartoons.

How disturbing that 4 in 10 side with the Islamists.


  • David Murrell

    “How disturbing that 4 in 10 side with the Islamists”.

    CBC, CTV, Global News, and nearly all English-speaking newspapers in Canada (the Star, the Globe and nearly all others) side with the terrorists. The French Quebec newspapers, to their credit, did publish some Hebdo cartoons.

  • winniec

    This is a victory for counterjihad. Public opinion has tipped to our side. In October 2014, for the first time, 51% of Americans believed Islamic terrorists were a real threat to the United States. 70% of white Christians believed that, but only 40% of black Christians. We can see that many minorities are more influenced by cultural Marxism because they are invested in the Marxist ‘designated victims’ narrative. That is where we need to concentrate to change hearts and minds. Many black Americans are unaware that the Islamic slave trade caused 120 million deaths of Africans. The Christian churches took a leading role in abolishing slavery.

    • Censored_often

      Definitely some good points here. All in all, perhaps the forces of counterjihad are picking up steam and growing in importance. Now for political leaders to change platforms and voters to vote accordingly!!!

      Edit: not all churches were unequivocally against slavery… many were “neutral”, while a great many supported it and a great many were against it.

    • James Hamilton

      “Many black Americans are unaware that the Islamic slave trade caused 120 million deaths of Africans.”
      And, all the male black african slaves sold to mohammedan owners in Arabia & elsewhere were castrated, that’s why you don’t see any descendants of black slaves in these countries although till the middle of 19th century arab, turkey & north Africa were awash with black slaves.

  • Hard Little Machine

    2 out of 5 is Obama’s base. Typically they’re around 25% but we throw in another 15% hangers on who aren’t clear who Charlie Hebdo is and why he hates black people, puppies and the gays. Or like whatever.

  • Exile1981

    If stats are to be believed 4 in 10 Americans are far left politically, so it would make sense they would support the suppression of freedom of speech.

  • Blacksmith

    In other news 4 in 10 North Americans are spineless pussies!