Sweden: Gypsy beggars become ‘art’ in Malmö, reminding Swedes of ‘growing inequality’ – no one happy

A photo attached to a 2013 story entitled “Romania concerned about reputation as the number Romanian beggars on Swedish streets explode”

Two Roma beggars have been paid to take part in a controversial art installation that has seen them sitting and standing in silence with a paper cup in front of them in a Malmö art gallery.

45a0837cc73ac4297e3bcbe8c80cb51da6be794edb422cc8d84b0a3dc71b5d86Roma migrants who have swapped the streets for an art gallery. Photo: Albin Balthasar

The workers, who are a couple, appear dressed in thick clothes and are not allowed to talk to visitors of Malmö Konsthall, one of the city’s biggest art exhibition centres.

The pair, Luca Lacatus and Marcella Cheresi, were spotted begging on the streets of Malmö by the project’s organisers who say they decided to turn them into an exhibit designed to encourage Swedes to reflect on growing inequality in their country, which is set to experience record immigration in 2015.
But the project has whipped up a storm since it got underway earlier this week, with many critics accusing the gallery of “objectifying” poverty.

Ioana Cojocariu, an artist active in the group Solidarity with EU migrants told the newspaper Fria Tigningar:

“I had very high expectations, but when I entered the room, it felt like an ethnological exhibition, where black bodies had been replaced by poor bodies…I think artists are well-intentioned but there have been errors”…

Google Translate returns nothing for “Tigningar” but the Swedish word for “beggar” is “tiggare.”

If you import tens of thousands of people whose idea of life is begging, you will indeed be seeing some “growing inequality.”

  • This proves once again that the Swedes are complete idiots, who deserve everything that’s coming their way.

    • I feel for the remaining sane Swedes.

      • Frau Katze

        It must be very frustrating to live there.

  • Jay Currie

    This would be a good moment to start encouraging frustrated Swedes to come to Canada… Especially the cuties on the Local.

    • David Murrell

      …which leads me to a story, I had, as a newly-arrived immigrant to Canada in 1971. I ran a youth hostel, funded under the then-Liberal-government Secretary of State Opportunity for Youth program. Well, at the hostel I had this great looking red-head, with a thick Louisiana accent. She was interested in immigrating to Canada. Well, she was an exotic dancer in her home state — and I did not think she had enough points to immigrate internally (50 points were needed back then). One would think that exotic dancing was not a prime occupation in demand in Canada.

      But I found out she spoke fluent French, after speaking with her. In fact, she had little of a French accent, but a distinct Southern-accent in English. At any rate, two months later, she came back to the hostel to say she received her landed-immigrant status. Being bilingual was enough to get in. Controversial, yes, but she was a good looker and friendly to men, to boot.

      But seriously, one untold story not told by our media cartel is the number of (moistly white) Europeans immigrating to Canada and the U.S. They are becoming disgusted at Europe today. No jobs and full of Muslim immigrants.

  • tom_billesley

    “Fria Tigningar” is a misprint. It should be “Fria Tidningar” – Free Newspapers
    Seems to be very “progressive” media cooperative.