Zidane Mohamed Ryerson student union hopeful lauds cop killings

TORONTO – A Ryerson University student running for a position with the school’s student union is coming under fire for allegedly condoning the recent killing of two police officers in New York.

The university’s flagship newspaper, the Ryersonian, reported on its website Thursday it had obtained a screenshot of the personal Facebook page belonging to Zidane Mohamed, who is running as part of the Unite Ryerson campaign to be Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) new vice president of education.

“Is it bad of me that I applaud the killing of two cops in NYC?” a Zidane Mohamed asks in a post shown in the screenshot posted on ryersonian.ca.

A respondent replies, “Yeah it is, despite any political convictions you may have, to ‘applaud’ something like this is morally abhorrent”…

h/t Marvin