Nos student ‘gunman’ dominates Dutch papers, says English-language Dutch news site, who leaves out that it was a Muslim

Security forces are seen outside the Media Park in Hilversum, Netherlands, after a gunman entered the headquarters of Dutch national broadcaster NOS and demanded time on television (The Daily Mail)

The Dutch papers on Friday are dominated by Thursday night’s bizarre events at the studios of public broadcaster Nos, when a 19-year-old chemistry student forced his way in with a fake gun, demanding airtime.

In particular, many questions are being asked about security at the Nos headquarters and at Dutch media organisations in general. Many broadcasters are concentrated in the Media Park in Hilversum, where last night’s incident took place.

‘The bizarre hostage taking action by a mentally ill boy last night at the Nos building makes painfully clear that much is wrong with the security of news organisations, including those in the Netherlands,’ writes the Telegraaf…

…‘Confusion reigned in people’s homes. Television screens displayed the cryptic message ‘due to circumstances there will be no news bulletin’ for an hour. It turned out that the broadcaster was itself the subject of the news and yet was unable to give out any information via radio, Teletext, website or app,’ Geelen writes…

…In addition, it is no use to try to keep a lid on information, says Beerenkamp. ‘This is the era of Twitter. It wasn’t a good move on the part of the Nos to forbid its journalists to use the social media to report the news…

But I have to look to a report in the UK-based Daily Mail to learn that his name is Tarik Zahzah. Instead the above report is leaning heavily on “mentally ill” — how did they figure that out so quickly?  

At least they admit a complete coverup was impossible.

See why no one trusts the MSM anymore?  How many smaller crimes are covered up in this manner? Lügenpresse indeed!

  • Exile1981

    It’s like the stupid tree thing. If a tre falls in the forest and no one hears it does it make a sound?

    The media believe if they don’t report something it never happened. I used to know a broadcast journalism student and she believed that her job was to decide what was important enough to report and what needed to be forgotten and that was 20+ years ago; I imagine that mind set is pretty common now among the media.

    • Frau Katze

      I’d say it’s become a “critical skill”.

  • It’s quite ridiculous at this point.

    People can already guess who the culprit is.

  • Surele Surele

    mentally ill my ars

  • Alain

    Now had anyone been able to even pretend he was a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever it would have been stated and repeated until the cows came home. Intelligent people already can figure out the truth regardless of the spin media.