Muslim Brotherhood-Aligned Leaders Hosted at State Department

Fire and black smoke rise from the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the al-Moqattam suburb, Cairo. July, 2013. Picture: EPA

The State Department hosted a delegation of Muslim Brotherhood-aligned leaders this week for a meeting about their ongoing efforts to oppose the current government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt, who rose to power following the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, an ally of the Brotherhood, in 2013.

One member of the delegation, a Brotherhood-aligned judge in Egypt, posed for a picture while at Foggy Bottom in which he held up the Islamic group’s notorious four-finger Rabia symbol, according to his Facebook page.

That delegation member, Waleed Sharaby, is a secretary-general of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council and a spokesman for Judges for Egypt, a group reported to have close ties to the Brotherhood…

  • Exile1981

    The good news by attending this meeting the government of Egypt knows who to target.

  • cmh

    Sisi needs to order a covert operation to murder morsi while he is in the clink….arsenic in his goat dinner?

  • luna
  • Obama gives orders to the state department.

    The Muslim brotherhood’s goal is the destruction of Western Civilization.

    Anyone need help figuring out Obama?