Mark “Cassandra” Steyn charmed his fans with dire warnings at Indigo

Those familiar with their Greek mythology will recall that Cassandra, the daughter of King Priam of Troy, was cursed by Apollo when he gave her the gift of foresight, but without the ability to convince Troy’s rulers of it.

Which bring to mind the case of Mark Steyn who, nine years ago in 2006, warned that Muslim growth demographics and an Islamist strategy of a form of colonization through immigration combined with weak, lazy western leadership meant that the future will belong to Islam.

Steyn, a staunch advocate for free speech was, along with the article’s publisher Macleans Magazine, immediately hauled before a Human Rights Commission by aggrieved Muslim activists outraged at the perceived offense given to Islam. Fortunately for Steyn and Macleans, 2006 was a kinder, gentler time compared with now, when aggrieved Muslim activists in the west outraged at perceived offense given to Islam are prone to seek recompense through the barrel of an AK 47 or the business end of a dagger.