Is fear of Islam irrational?

Ironically, the problem with some of us Muslims is that we see it as our inalienable right to criticize or even insult other religions and challenge their pillars, and we’re not shy about proclaiming the righteousness and pre-eminence of our religion. But some of us have thin skin when criticism is directed at Islam and we react violently.

  • luna

    “I respectfully suggest that they ask the innocent victims from around the world who have suffered because of the expanding destructive swath of Islamic extremism if their fear is irrational.”

  • Minicapt

    “If peace is to prevail, it behooves the leaders of Abrahamic religions to confront and more effectively deal with the conflict …”
    It’s not a problem with the “Abrahamic religions”, only the one which plagiarises the designation and then abuses it.


  • winniec

    Yes, why would anyone be worried about jihad? The ‘struggle’ to remove the human rights and civil liberties of ‘others’ and women? Jihad is certainly not benign, having consumed 270 million lives in 1400 years. The question is: Why would Allah turn one billion Muslims into hunters of their fellow men with a view to enslaving them, robbing them and exploiting them in every way? What god would command that? Or was Islam not created by a gang of sociopaths similar to the Nazi party or the Stalinists or the Maoists?

  • winniec

    Islamophobia is a victim-blaming subterfuge that takes blame and attention and judgment and responsibility away from jihadists who commit CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.
    Islamophobia is a technique of letting Muslims get out of the court room of public opinion.
    Islamophobia is the way Muslims say…as Eichmann said in his way…I have no responsibility for the jihad…for the crimes against humanity that we must commit under the orders of Allah…we Muslims are guiltless…we are just obeying Allah’s orders.
    Islamophobia expresses the banality of Islamic evil.

  • Xavier

    A perfect stranger tells you he has a book instructing him to kill you and he intends to follow its directions.

    What is your rational reaction?

  • David Murrell

    Great cartoon!