Hate Baguettes? You Might Be A Jihadi Says French Government!

BaguetteBread alert! French gov claim Jihadists hate BAGUETTES

Here’s the french Stop Jihadism site

  • ntt1

    a properly made Baguette, from the correct flour and yeast combo, is a thing of beauty, muslims inability to appreciate good things is just another indicator of barbarity.

    • I won’t argue that;)

      • winniec

        They want to eat like Mohammed did, with one hand, then suck their fingers. Of course, the women don’t cook their food with one hand…these misogynists never think about that.

  • winniec

    This poster leaves out the most important sign of all which is ARGUMENTATIVENESS. The jihadist will be fanatically consumed with convincing others of the exciting duty to commit murder in the name of God! The jihadists needs to share this deadly truth with others and recruit them to support jihad and join it to defeat the perceived enemies of Allah!

  • Canadian

    First should be: they are muslim.

  • ellake

    This French site is ridiculous. They are saying jihadists, violent radicals, terrorists, but never, ever they mention Islam.

    Even with Islamic State they do not use french equivalent L’État islamique but use arabic short form – Daesh.

    It is political correctness squared.

  • FactsWillOut

    This is actually a good thing. It’s called “profiling”.