German army ‘used civilian vans for training exercises’ due to equipment shortage

The German military is facing equipment shortages so severe that the army has been forced to use ordinary Mercedes vans to stand in for armoured personnel carriers during training, and special forces had to cancel a Nato joint exercise because there was no helicopter available for them, a parliamentary report has revealed.

In his annual report, the Bundestag’s Military Commissioner issued a stark warning that unless funding is increased, Germany’s armed forces will be unable to fulfil their mission.
“2014 was a year of truth for the Bundeswehr,” Hellmut Königshaus wrote.

“The deficiencies in building and equipment maintenance reached an extent that is no longer acceptable.”

The report describes how the army has been forced to use ordinary civilian cars as stand-ins for military vehicles during pre-deployment training, because of shortages of genuine equipment.

  • ntt1

    A german home army will be needed very soon. Time to start preparing for the civil strife open borders immigration has delivered.

  • minuteman

    This is at the same time as they are cutting perfectly good marders and leopards for scrap metal. Either deliberate sabotage or really bad planning on someone’s part

    • Exile1981

      Actually this could be a good thing, the destruction of real tanks and APC’s and the replacement with unarmored mini-vans will help when the Muslims take over Germany. Most of them wouldn’t be able to operate the more complex items and we won’t have to worry about the new owners of germany having them.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Who are they planning on fighting? Russia? Sudan? The Island nation of Togo?