Fifty shades of GG? No thanks

It is a book that has the imprimatur of the Governor General of Canada and the applause of the Canadian artistic and media elite, and yet I can’t read the first line or much of the first few pages on television.
Did I mention this is supposedly a children’s book?

Don’t take this column as some sort of call to ban the novel When Everything Feels Like the Movies, but rather a really big question: When did nonstop stories of sex become the kind of “children’s literature” that wins the biggest award in the country and $25,000 worth of taxpayers’ money?

Let’s be blunt. The reason Raziel Reid’s novel won is because it is about a gay teen in a small-minded, bigoted town – that’s how the Canada Council for the Arts described it as they awarded the book the prestigious prize. I’ve read the first chapter and some excerpts, enough to get a taste. National Post columnist Barbara Kay, who also questions the book getting this award, read the entire thing.