Extremist postman delivers an Islamic State hate sermon

A POSTMAN pictured with a black and white flag for Islamic State on a British street was under investigation yesterday for “supporting a banned organisation”.

Royal Mail worker Sajid Idris, 31, waved the Islamist flag as part of a group holding up signs saying: “Islamic State will bring peace to the Middle East”.

Idris was seen with the flag in a busy shopping area in Cardiff – where he is employed to drive around the city delivering packages in a red Royal Mail van.

Heavily bearded Idris works at a Royal Mail sorting office and has been given a special prayer room to use at the depot.

Idris, who has links to hate preacher Anjem Choudary and British IS fighters in Syria, is currently being investigated for allegedly handing out extremist leaflets.

He was seized by anti-terrorist police in a dawn raid for allegedly trying to recruit young Muslims to his radical cause.