CSIS to be given ‘power to disrupt,’ not arrest, in new anti-terror bill

Canada’s spy agency is expected to be given new powers to stop would-be Canadian jihadists before they leave the country as part of sweeping new anti-terrorism measures being unveiled Friday.

Sources familiar with the proposed legislation tell CBC News the goal is to give the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service the kinds of legal tools that are available to intelligence services in other Western countries.

  • Martin Luffa

    new laws and government powers

    What can Islam do for your country?

    • Censored_often

      Terrorism, polygamy, setting back womens’ rights a century or more, just to start. Wanna add more?

  • glasnost

    Let’s see now, who do we trust, CSIS, RCMP, CBC?

  • It’ll also give them the power to take down websites.

    • Censored_often

      Hmmm….. perhaps I should take the time to read the new anti-terror bill?

      Taking down BCF or Jihad Watch, etc., would be catastrophic and constitute a major step towards totalitarianism. Imagine what a P.M. Justin Trudeau would do to the Rule of Law, for example? *shudder*

  • David Murrell

    The Mounties have “disrupted Islamo-Nazis operating in Canada before, and this has been discussed in the media. The Mounties “disrupt”, instead of arresting, given that they do not have enough evidence (given Canada’s ridiculously high standards needed). What has happened is that our pro-terrorist media cartel (CBC News, the Star, the Globe) have often criticized the Mounties for “disrupting”, claiming that such acts violate the Islamo-Nazi’s rights to terrorize.

    Expect similar criticism with this new law. Our media cartel, plus Justin and the NDP, oppose “disrupting”, given that they actually want terrorist acts to take place in Canada. The left is pro-terrorist.

  • Gary

    I tried to alert the Security forces to a odd series of people coming and going form a a house linked to the refugee centre . Cars came by at night with US plates and dropped off people in islamic garb with suit cases that quickly ran into the house.
    The house kept the curtains closed and and rarely used lights at night .
    Why would someone from the USA drive to canada just to pick up people at our Airport with travel tags on suitcases and drive them to the house near me.

    CSIS almost mocked me as worrying too much even after they posted a notice in the News paper to report things like this. They said they only look into ongoing Threats of terrorism or plots, they said to call the RCMP in my area over a Immigration issue , the RCMP said it was a Border Security issue .
    They all washed their hands of it, so later on when I found proof it was linked to human smuggling from the Middle east to Mexico and into the USA and Canada for $10’000.00 .
    Since these people were transported across several States the FBI had an Interest and I sent my evidence to them and they nailed a few people in Texas linked to a al-qaeda friendly mosque and running safe houses prior to being shuttled up the Eastern seaboard for fake ID and then into Canada as Refugees .

    • Censored_often

      Good work! As well, from what you write above, it does appear our authorities are stretched to the max and/or desire to not get involved for a host of reasons. Given the current levels of colonization immigration, it can only get worse.

  • How about:

    1) No Muslims allowed in the country.

    2) Allow any want to be jihadi a one way ticket out of the country.

    3) Admit reality – Islam is a pathological cult and shut down the mosques.

  • Linda1000

    So CSIS can now disrupt terrorist or jihadi travel plans. Guess, I’m clueless but to what end? They will tell them to go home and be good boys and girls and expect them to obey? Online information is not the problem but many mosques, preachers, so-called charities money laundering and financing terrorists are a problem.