Affirmative consent is a ‘means to a cultural Marxist end’


Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever was a recent guest on the Just Right radio program (hosted by Robert Metz and Robert Vaughan), talking about his essay about “affirmative consent.”

Affirmative consent – a radical feminist approach to determining the presence or absence of consent to a sexual act – is a revolutionary idea that replaces the presumption of innocence with the presumption of guilt, and that serves to drive the sexes apart as a mean to a cultural Marxist end.

Ontario’s premier, Kathleen Wynne, has instructed Liz Sandals, the Minister of Education, to add “consent” to Ontario’s sex ed program (which already teaches about consent) and McKeever points to some clues that the sex ed program might instead be introducing the teaching of affirmative consent.

Listen to the interview here.

  • Exile1981

    Guilty until proven innocent.

    The wife says that these stupid affirmative consent rules make women look weak and not smart enough to make a decision about sex on their own.

  • Icebow

    Apparently, men accused of rape in the UK may now have to prove consent. Will it all need recording? Seems an extension of the subversive idea that what some victimhood-claimant perceives must correspond to the truth.

  • MessengerHatred

    Statistics are wildly falsified all of the time. Why? To push a political agenda and to divide the masses into voting groups. Liberals use the false rape stats to keep women and minorities as their main victim voting block. In this way, they gain money, power and control. Women and minorities are useful pawns for the liberal agenda. They are easily convinced of their victim status and rely heavily on the government for their survival.

    No other statistics are more wildly falsified than rape statistics. How are rape stats falsified? You’ll be amazed. Here’s how:

    • Frau Katze

      I’m not falling for it. It’s a ridiculous rule, it’s too vague.

  • Tom Forsythe

    I propose a solution to all of the problems feminists complain about: have men and women enter into lifelong partnerships, for the purposes of mutual economic benefit, security, child rearing, and exclusive sexual activity.

    • Frau Katze

      That sounds awfully radical to me!

  • Just a thought

    Gotta take your lawyer a witness and a notary on every date now?

  • winniec

    This article is on target. The cultural Marxist agenda wishes to solve the ‘problem’ of European civilization by abolishing it entirely. This is done by making sure white European males never reproduce. This is approached every way possible from making sure European males have no employment, to making sure they are replaced by Asian and African males, to making sure they don’t even get a date! Of course, since Asian and African males HAVE DIFFERENT CULTURES, the AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT does not apply to them.
    Muslims have the right to rape their wives, concubines, daughters, as well as kafir women as part of dishonouring them in jihad. These AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT rules apply only to European white males.
    These rules should be called ‘AFFIRMATIVE DENIAL’ because it is another way of making certain white males never reproduce. Ingenious.

    Georg Lukacs said, ‘Who will save us (Marxists) from European civilization?’
    (Answer: the Muslim ‘noble savages’)

  • DMB

    This would of course apply to heterosexuals only of course since ‘heteronormative’ behaviour will not be tolerated in Kathleen Wynne’s LGTBQ positive Ontario.